Land Use Planning & Development

The legal challenge in converting a piece of ground into a Valuable Marketable Asset

Planning of Subdivision and Development of Land Needs Legal Guidance

Our firm serves a number of prominent land developers and home builders as well as landowners wishing to maximize the return on their valuable land.  This area can be legally intensive yet with an eye to efficiency and the bottom line, our land use work is carried out quickly, effectively and at a legal cost acceptable to our clients.  Not unlike other areas of the legal practice, our development clients and other landowners are particularly focussed on prompt and effective legal services to achieve the results they intend.

  • Advice for planning use of land
  • Purchase and sale of property
  • Rights of First Refusal and Rights of First Offer
  • Options and Agreements for Sale
  • Joint Venture, Partnerships, Corporate Business Organizations
  • Easements, Rights of Way
  • Bank, mezzanine and numerous forms of creative financing
  • Architectural Controls and Restrictive Covenants
  • Land use designation and zoning
  • Area Structure Plans
  • Outline plans and planning
  • Land use approval applications
  • Appeals of land use and subdivision decisions
  • Subdivision of land
  • Ecological and Agricultural Conservation Easements

Land Use Planning & Development Lawyers

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